Well, Hello There

Welcome to In A HEART BEAT. It is always an exciting time when you begin a new blog or website, but this time it is different. The excitement for “In A Heart Beat” is a bit overwhelming. You see, I have been planning this one for awhile now and until recently, I never really had the time to begin a new blog.

What is this blog about? Overall, the theme of this blog is prolife. Now, before yall get all messed up about it, this blog is different. It is NOT a religious prolife blog. I may or may not be a believer in the religious side of life, but I am totally prolife. How can one NOT agree that human beings create other human beings? Just as any other animal created on earth bears it’s own kind… likewise, the human race. Just as it is considered a tragedy when one finds baby animals killed, it is also a tragedy when a human baby is killed, born or unborn.

My name?  For now, my real name shall remain private. You can just call me Tess.

The purpose of this blog is many-fold.

  • To bring awareness to what really happens behind the closed doors of a Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC).
  • To talk openly about what it means to be “prolife” (it’s not what you may think).
  • To talk about the issues facing your local pregnancy center.
  • To raise funds as a group for your “choice” of PRC (a monthly activity through surveys and purchases through various resources) NO, I am not going to be asking you for money, you can do that directly at your local PRC.
  • To bring vision to those who “really want to help” but don’t know where to begin
  • To share general information about other prolife organizations

I hope that we can discuss, debate, share and learn from one another in our comments. I just ask that we keep them kind and clean. No Bullying here, please.

Thanks for reading & until next time  ~ Tess


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