Black Lives Matter … they really do!

When the Black Lives Matter movement began, it was very easy for me from a Pro-life point of view, to see the fault in the movement. It is not that I agree or disagree with the movement. It is simply that as with every other movement (including the prolife movement) there exists positive and negative components.

What stuck out to me from the very beginning of the movement, was how black lives have been a target. A target for keeping people in bondage. A target for heartbreak. Perhaps one could say that black lives were an easy target to the marketing miracles of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. A target for the extermination of a specific group of people. After all, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was very blunt in her reasons for founding Planned Parenthood and offering abortion.

In recent demographics studies,  it was revealed that at Planned Parenthood alone kills an estimated 266 black lives in one day. 266 Lives gone in ONE DAY! Black Lives…This breaks my heart. Where are the protesters? Where are the Black Lives Matter supporters? Who is shouting out over this? *crickets* This should be an outrage! Shall we talk about the numbers some more? — Police have killed 258 black lives in one year according to the Washington Post. Did you see that? ONE YEAR! Now, I ask again… where is the outrage? Any life is precious, valuable and important, so why is it ok to lose 266 lives in one day (3,192 per year), but not ok to lose 258 in one year? Is it really because of choice? If black lives really mattered, why wouldn’t we choose to support the moms of these lost black lives? Why wouldn’t we choose to make a difference? Instead, we continue to turn the other cheek and pretend it isn’t happening, because it is her choice. But is it really? Is that really her 1st and best choice?

Honestly, this is nothing new. That is why it is so easy to overlook this very important part of honoring Black Lives. How can one honor another human being when we toss away life at the first sign of trouble? Too many lives are lost. ALL LIVES MATTER. We are all the same race… the Human Race. When we add in all the lives lost each year, without looking at color (because color really doesn’t matter- it is the lives behind it), the number is incredibly overwhelming at over 27million worldwide so far this year.

How do we make a difference? How can one person save the Human Race? What can I do? This is much bigger than me… Well, yes and no. Yes, It is bigger than you, and yes, it is bigger than me. This is why we need one another. Together we can do great things.Support a local pregnancy resource center financially, even if all you can give is a dollar a day, $7.00 a week … that is equal to 365 dollars a year. Trust me, a pregnancy center can use that money and somehow it multiplies. I have seen it happen firsthand.

Pregnancy Resource Centers will help the woman make a healthy decision she can live with and they will typically think of her, send good vibes, and/ or pray for her in the weeks that follow. It will always be mom’s choice, but the center will be there for her every step of the way.

BUT, there are other ways to help too…

  • Stop being afraid to stand out. More people are with you than against you.
  • Start speaking life. Life is good. Life is worth it.
  • Share stories with one another. Share articles online that promote life.
  • Volunteer at a pregnancy center to clean, dust, vacuum, answer the phone, fold clothing, ect…
  • Bring/send the workers at a pregnancy center some baked goodies or fresh flowers. Trust me, it will make their day. Sometimes, these are the best ways to show how much you appreciate the work they do. The workers are just like you and I – we have bad days, too
  • Write a few encouragement notes for the center to give to clients (all anonymous, of course) A simple note to say “You got this” can change everything
  • Host a Baby Shower for the center. The goal would be to collect diapers, new clothing, or anything else your center might need.
  • Just show up, introduce yourself and let people know you care.

Together, let’s make abortion unthinkable by promoting ALL lives.  ~ Tess

For more really interesting articles on this subject go to Life Site News or The Radiance Foundation


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